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Sudbury has a century of history as a mining centre and over a dozen mines operating within city limits. Over the past decade, the Northern Ontario city has been subtly shifting its focus from being a producer of metals to a creator of mining know-how and technology. Vale and Xstrata—serve as anchors for the cluster and collectively has contributed almost $4 billion to the local economy and employed 13,800 people.

Sudbury is home to the public-private Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, the Canadian Mining Industry Research Organization, the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology and Mining and Laurentian University’s School of Mining and its eight mining research centres and is home to industry association Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Organization,

(AER stands for ‘Atmospheric Emissions Reduction), will see sulphur dioxide emissions at its smelter in Sudbury reduced by 70% from current levels, as well as dust and metals emissions reduced a further 35 to 40%. The project was scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015.

Angie Robson, Vale’s manager of corporate affairs released this statement to the media:
AER Project goes from (2)furnaces to (1). A move to a single furnace is years away, but preparation for this move will mean changes to the Clean AER Project in the immediate future. The outcome of this move to a single furnace, combined with adjustments to the Clean AER Project, will be reductions in annual SO2 emissions more than 50% greater than contemplated in the original Clean AER plan at approximately half the capital investment. This represents a significant investment of $1B in our Ontario operations while reducing sustaining capital requirements by $1B over the next two years.