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Abreco Wear Products Canadian Wear Technology A-21 (Arena)  

Since 1985, Abreco® Wear Products have proven to outlast others, a composite of high-carbide white iron 700BHN bonded to mild steel. The Abreco Wear System™ has proven to increase production uptime significantly in mining applications.

ABS Manufacturing A-25 (Arena)  

ABS Manufacturing specializes in conveyor components, rubber molding/lining, urethane spraying, concrete surface repair, valve/pump repair, dust suppression, fluid sealing products and is an authorized Service/Repair provider for Howden Fans.

Advanced Textile Technologies Inc. A-66 (Arena)  

Advanced Textile Technologies (ATT) is a cut and sew operation producing all types of textile products such as tarps, straps, blasting bags, specialty covers, filters, truck winter fronts/bug screens, etc. 

ATT serves all industries including forestry, mining, trucking, construction and recreation for all textile needs.

Our design shop offers prototyping services using CAD software such as SolidWorks, Rhino and ExactFlat for 2D and 3D designs.

Agat Laboratories Ltd. A-19 (Arena)  

AGAT Laboratories offers full service analysis to the Mining, Environmental, Energy, Industrial, Transportation, Life Sciences and AgriFood sectors. AGAT Laboratories’ Canadian network of laboratory locations provides clients with analysis in which the most up to date technical standards are met. With world class facilities and state-of-the-art instrumentation, AGAT Laboratories delivers “Service Beyond Analysis”.

Aggreko, LLC A-17 (Arena) |  A-18 (Arena) |  O-11 (Outdoor )  

In the mining sector, Aggreko is best known for its ability to deliver temporary power plants where there is no grid support. As well as supplying power, Aggreko also provides cooling and heat recovery applications to assist various processes within the mining life-cycle. Aggreko differentiates itself from the competition by offering not only world class products and services but also fully engineered solutions designed to increase productivity while reducing overall costs.

Agnico Eagle E-07 (Arena)  

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited is a senior Canadian gold company that has produced precious metals since 1957. Our eight mines are located in Nunavut, Quebec, Finland and Mexico. We employ more than 7,500 people worldwide.

AIL Mining A-55 (Arena)  

Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL) is a world leader in developing innovative engineered solutions in Structural Plate, MSE Wall Systems, Sound Wall Systems, Corrugated Pipe and Prefabricated Bridges for the transportation, public works, railway, mining, forestry and development sectors.

Air Separation Technologies Inc. A-104 (Arena)  

For over thirty-five years, our knowledgeable sales team and in-house certified engineers have assisted customers in identifying, eliminating and controlling contaminates arising from industrial processes that produce dust, mist, fumes and gases. Our state of the art filtration systems meet Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Environment standards and ensure fresh solutions to virtually any problem arising from industrial manufacturing or fabrication operations in the following industries: Mining, Aerospace, Chemicals, Food, Foundry, Metal Working & Fabrication, Pharmaceutical and Woodworking.

Altohelix A-106 (Arena)  

Altohelix is the leader in UAV training, certification and enterprise drone program consulting & management.

Talk to us today to get your mine setup to operate and integrate this disruptive technology to stay competitive and take your operations to the next level.

Unmanned Aerial Systems have brought to the mining industry an invaluable tool that enables data acquistion, analysis at a speed and accuracy that was not easily available in the past. In addition, it is an aerial platform that allows access to previously hazardous or inaccessible areas for sample and data acquisition (water, soil, photograph, video, topology etc) to assist with inspection, mapping, measurement, planning, design and other numerous mine operations.

Altohelix brings experience in training, services, enterprise solution consulting in the mining industry to enable adoption of this technology and the best practices for integrating it into mining operations.

Aluma / Safway A-110 (Arena)  

Aluma / Safway have merged to create one comprehensive Industrial and Commercial Services organization. Our new combined organization is focused on delivering added value to all customers in the commercial, industrial and infrastructure markets.

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