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PBE Group A-85 (Arena)  

PBE Group is a recognized leader in mine safety, monitoring and communication solutions. Learn more about how our advanced innovation and world-class customer services can help you increase your productivity.

Pro-Facts A-44 (Arena)  

With over 25 years of experience, PRO-F.A.C.T.S INC. provides both technical and safety training in Mining, Forestry, Construction and Manufacturing related industries. Our qualified instructors are here to help keep your workplace or job site safe throughout Ontario. Please visit or call Toll Free: 1-855-776-3228 for more information.

Provix Inc. A-37 (Arena) |  A-36 (Arena)  

PROVIX is Canada’s leading supplier of equipment and vehicle safety camera systems and lighting to the Mining industry. PROVIX enhances vision through the deployment of technologically advanced camera systems and third generation LED lighting. Custom Camera systems and equipment lighting that can include remote viewing capability, wireless recording, thermal vision, programmed and triggered event monitoring, infrared night vision and safer, more productive operations in any mine, pit or quarry.

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